AAA Battery Box Holder Torch Power Supply Holding X3 AAA Size Batteries


Product Code: AAAQN3AZ51

Manufacturer: ipdeals

Battery Box Holder Box for X3 Number AAA Batteries as used in Flashlights and other Battery Powered Devices. The Battery Box provides a Positive (+) Tip.

Features: Plastic battery holder for 3 AAA for flashlight can hold 3x AAA batteries A positive metal column tip for most devices using this battery holder.

The Battery Holder takes 3 AAA batteries to offer power to flashlights. Most triple A Battery flashlights are compatible, but please check.

Product properties: Model: AAA Material: plastic and metal holds 3 standard AAA batteries Length: Approx. 65 mm Diameter: about 21 mm Net weight: 7g

Note: this product is specifically for the AAA battery. Please keep this in mind before purchasing.

Package includes: 1 x battery holder for 3 AAA batteries

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