5Mw High Powered Focusing Enabled Burning Laser Green 532nm Blue Aircraft Aluminium Laser Pen


Product Code: 5MWSLZXJ51

Manufacturer: ipdeals

High Powered Focusing Enabled Green 532 nm Laser Pen. This Pen can ignite Matches by concentrating the beam with its Focusing Utiility. These ;Laser Pens are 5mw. The Focused Beam can start fire, use with caution.

These Laser Pens are protected with a Key. The light from Green Lasers is dangerous and very powerful. Being able to focus Laser Beams concentrates the power of the beam. Please read our Products Description page. This can be found on our main page header tags.

Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam.

Don't keep the Laser Switched On for long periods at a time, or the Laser Bulb can become permanently damaged.

These Lasers are very powerful because the beam can be focused.

These Focused Lasers make excellent Self Defence Devices as well, but we recommend our more basic Lasers for Self Defence as these ones can ignite matches with their beam and cause far more damage.

No attacker wants to risk being blinded by a victim pointing a high powered Laser at them. These do the job very well! Please see our none focusable Laser Pens for Self Defence Lasers.

The Lasers in this listing are also 100% UK Legal to own and Carry.

Please keep these Lasers away from children.


Lightweight and handy, suitable for put in your pocket or handbags

Laser Pointer Body Colour: Blue

Laser Pointer construcrion material: Aircraft Alluminium

Light Colour: Green

Power: 5mW

Wavelength: 532 nm

Focusable Beam: Yes

Please use only for a few seconds at a time as the output circuitry can become hot and cause damage to the Laser

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