Battery Box Contacts Metal String and Tab Set of AA OR AAA Battery Box Contacts for Electronic Projects.


Product Code: BATOYETT20

Manufacturer: ipdeals

Stock Level: 5

Electronics Battery Box Terminals Connectors for Battery Boxes that use either AA or AAA Size Batteries. Included is one set or 2 Pieces. This includes one Spring Battery Connector and one Tab End Connector to make a pair or 1 Set.

These fit the Battery Boxes and remore control toys and remote control units that uses either AA or AAA double A or Triple A sized Batteries.

Metal Spring Battery Contact Battery Spring Plate Replacement Battery Spring Contact For AA/AAA Batteries


  • Brand new

  • Material: metal

  • Color: silver

  • Size: approx. 14.5 * 9mm

  • Suitable for AA/AAA batteries.

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