2A473J Guitar Tone Capacitors Mylar Green 2A473J - 0.47UF -0.47UF "Greeni Meeni" Guitar Caps



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2A473J - 0.47UF -0.47UF  Guitar Tone Capacitors Mylar Green All Values "Greeni Meeni" Guitar Caps. (1 Piece X 1 Capacitor)  .

Get the best deals on our Green Mylar Guitar Capacitors. The more you add to your Basket, the lower the price for each Guitar Capacitor. Our Guitar Tone Bleed Capacitors produce excellent results.

Guitar Tone Capacitors help maintain the Tone when the Guitar Volume is moved. They Bleed of the treble and balance the sound out better. Guitars sound and play better with more control over the tone and volume controls when Bleed Capacitors are installed. Installation is very easy the capacitors just solder to the Tone Control. There is a lot of information and diagrams across the internet about how to do this. 

We offer the lowest prices, the best deals available on 2A473J -0.47UF -0.47UF  Mylar Green Guitar Tone Capacitors. Enjoy this Bargain while it is still available.


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