Clear/White Red Light Emitting LED Diodes 5mm 2.0 - 2.2 Volts PCB Led Diode Chips LED 1 Piece


Product Code: CLEZTBD817

Manufacturer: ipdeals

Stock Level: 100

5mm Clear with Red Light Output LED Diode 620-625nm 5 mm 2.0 - 2.2Volts White DIY Light Emitting Diode Working current: 20 (mA) PCB or other use Led Diodes.


Working current: 20 (mA)


Working voltage:

Red: 1.9V-2.1V

Yellow: 1.9V-2.1V

Green: 1.9V-2.1V

Blue: 3.0V-3.2V

White: 3.0V-3.2V

Orange: 2.0V-2.2V

White (Red): 2.0V-2.2V

White (Yellow): 2.0V-2.2V

White (Green): 3.0V-3.2V

White (Blue): 3.0V-3.2V

White (Warm-White): 3.0V-3.2V

White (Orange): 2.0-2.2V

White (Pink): 3.0V-3.2V

White (Purple): 3.0V-3.2V

Fog (Red): 1.8V-2.0V

Fog (Yellow): 3.0V-3.2V

Fog (White): 3.0V-3.2V

Fog (Pink): 3.0V-3.2V

Fog (Blue): 3.0V-3.2V

Fog (Green): 3.0V-3.2V

Fog (Warm): 3.0V-3.2V




Red: 600-800

Yellow: 600-800

Green: 600-800

Blue: 1000-1200

White: 14000-16000

Orange: 600-800

White (Red): 3000-4500

White (Yellow): 2000-3000

White (Green): 15000-20000

White (Blue): 6000-8000

White (Warm-White): 14000-16000

White (Orange): 4000-5000

White (Pnk): 3000-4000

White (Purple): 3000-4000

Fog (Red): 800-1000

Fog (Yellow): 600-800

Fog (White): 1000-1500

Fog (Pink)600-800

Fog (Blue): 1000-1500

Fog (Green):2000-2500

Fog (Warm): 10000-12000



Wave length:

Red: 620-625

Yellow: 590-592

Green: 567-570

Blue: 460-465

White: 6000-15000k

Orange: 600-610

White (Red): 620--625

White (Yellow): 588-590

White (Green): 515--525

White (Blue): 460--465

White (Warm-White): 2800-3200

White (Orange): 600-610

White (Pink): 649-660

White (Purple): 300-400

Fog (Red): 620-625

Fog (Yellow): 588-590

Fog (White): 5000-7000

Fog (Pink)649-652

Fog (Blue): 460-465

Fog (Green):520-525

Fog (Warm)2800-3200

White:Color temperature 8000

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