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This is a forum where members of the public can say their views about Wiltshire Public Services. This includes, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Council and Aster Group Housing Association. Please remember you are responsible for what you write and publish

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Wiltshire Media Organisations

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Salisbury Journal Review

Here you can comment about media organisations like the Salisbury Journal. We all know they only publish what the authorities want the public to hear so here we can speak up and put what we want. Just keep it within the forum rules please.
1 1 2019-09-14 14:26:28 by Gotcha

Wiltshire PIP Assessment Centres Network Review

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Now Physio Salisbury PIP Assessment Centre Review

Here you can write about your experiences with the Salisbury NowPhysio Dept Work and Pensions corrupted PIP assessment centre. Let's here it and keep it within the forum rules please, they are clear enough.
1 1 2019-09-15 21:04:10 by Gotcha

Wiltshire Elections Network Review

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Government Elections in Wiltshire Forum Network Review

Here we can discuss the Elections of Political Candidates in Wiltshire. Comment here are specific to the Elections and the processes. We are looking for ward to your comments about how our voting system is not democratic and how it dictates to the people the Conservative Party will take office. We advise refraining from taking part in the corrupted voting procedure that only serves the purpose of formally allowing a Conservative Representative. Sorry but after the tens of people in poverty they murdered into suicides I have no sympathy for them or their excuses. The Tories are a bad thing, they are cruel callous people and anyone who votes for Conservative needs to be treated as a terrorist.
1 1 2019-08-27 17:37:20 by Hopscotch
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Wiltshire Post Services Public Review

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Wiltshire Post Offices and Post Women and Men Network Review

Forum about the Post Services in Wiltshire. We would suggest that this organisation is just about the only one left that hasn't been integrated with every other authority and as yet has not been corrupted. Most people get their mail on time and the service can be relied upon, unlike most of the others we give Royal Mail a thumbs up but you can write what you want here.
3 3 2019-09-18 22:50:30 by Gotcha

Wiltshire Radio Stations Network Review

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Castledown Radio Station Network Review

Castledown Fm - the home of Mike P and Clipboard Clarrie. Find Castledown Radio HERE http://castledownfm.com
1 1 2019-08-21 22:09:14 by Hopscotch

Wayout Radio Station Nework Review

Wayout Radio - the only Station where you can hear undiscovered unsigned bands and their music. Plus some of the old classics from yesteryear. A whole mixture of programs that cater for all tastes. Find Castledown Radio Station HERE http://www.castledownfm.com
1 1 2019-08-21 14:03:50 by Hopscotch

Wiltshire Council Public Review

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Wiltshire Council Network Review

Here you can write the things you want to write about Wiltshire Council. We want to learn about things like discrimination, blacklisting, education failures and denials of disability, refusals to deal with hate crimes, victimising vulnerable people and corruption within the services that we all pay for.
3 5 2019-09-14 13:56:57 by Gotcha

Wiltshire Council Hate Crime and ASB Prevention Network Review

Here you discuss the failures of Wiltshire Council of their duty of care to vulnerable people, their failures to protect people from hate crime, environmental issues, and their outright negligence regarding their legal duties under the crime and disorder act. You can discuss all aspects of Wiltshire Council negligence including refusals to meet legal obligations in protective services like housing benefits ans hardship payments. Failures to protect vulnerable people generally and name their staffs that use the service for blacklisting customers and victimisation.
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Wiltshire Registered Childminders Review

Publish your experiences with Wiltshire Council registered Childminders.
3 3 Yesterday 18:17:18 by Gotcha

Wiltshire Registered Gas and Oil Engineers Review

Here you can write about licenced Gas and Oil engineers. We want to hear about the horror stories and facts about what they are like. Keep it within the forum rules please.
2 2 Yesterday 18:11:02 by Gotcha

Wiltshire Police Public Review

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Wiltshire Police Informants Blue Giro Review

Here you can write about known Police informers that enjoy immunity from crimes like hate crime in return for stitching up people that Wiltshire Police target in response to complaints. The Wiltshire Police Complaints are handled by the Force Professional Standards, these officers condone illegal behaviour and hide it when complaints are made. Wiltshire Police use paid informants to stitch up people who make complaints about them. The Police will not allow complainants to have complaints upheld about misconduct. This is because they condone the wrongs. Wiltshire Police informants work with Police to attack complainants with false accusations to give police reasons to use their powers against them. Wiltshire Police bully disabled people and they use Informants to achieve this. Informants like neighbours of the victims they are victimising with the help of Wiltshire Council and Aster Group Staffs.
1 1 2019-09-16 20:54:12 by Gotcha

Wiltshire Police Network Review

Here you can place your comments about the Wiltshire Police Service. We want to hear your version of events about corruption, assaults, blacklistings, bullying and of course the good work undertaken by some police officers.
2 3 2019-09-08 10:43:47 by DaniellaArmstrong-sp119nf

Wiltshire Police using ANPR to Harass Network Review

Wiltshire Police are using the ANPR system to place markers onto peoples cars who complain about them as a way of punishing the person. The marker means that every police car that picks up the victims number plate will pull the car over. This is a misuse of power designed to cause alarm harassment and distress. We need independent observers in all police stations. Feel free to write your views about the corrupted ways of Wiltshire Police
1 2 2019-09-08 10:13:26 by DaniellaArmstrong-sp119nf

Name Corrupt Wiltshire Police Officers Network Review

Here you can write about corrupt police officers and name them openly if your sure they have done what you say. We All know about the thug that attacked a helpless middle aged woman in Melksham Custody not so long ago. The Police have attacked many people since then. We know of further attacks by officers at Melksham, let's have their names.
1 1 2019-08-19 22:34:22 by Hopscotch

Wiltshire Police Complaints Network Review

Here we discuss the Wiltshire Police Complaints processes and how they are dealt with by the force professional standards.
1 1 2019-08-21 19:24:24 by Hopscotch

Novichok Contamination Amesbury Police Property Room Network Review

Here you can can openly write about the cross contamination of Police seized property with the deadly nerve agent Novichok in the Police Station Property Room. People who had property like phones taken from them by Police may have items returned that have been cross contaminated with Novichok. We know this because Amesbury Police have been recorded digitally admitting they cannot return some property until it has been cleaned from the Novichok it became contaminated with. Ths was later denied by Wiltshire Police who tried to lie about it but unfortunately we have the officer recorded saying this. This dishonesty displayed by Wiltshire Police is prolific. It's as though they can can just make anything up and expect the public to believe it. It reinforces the need for transparency, the need for independent observers to deal with the corruption and liars in the force that the current chief constable allow to bring the force down. It is not the forum bringing Police down, it is the Police bringing Police down with corrupt officers. We are merely the reporters.
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Salisbury Plain Training Area Wiltshire Police Network Review

Write about the way the land is policed by Wiltshire Police and the MOD. An app is being compiled by the author to keep Off Road Users up to date with the current locations of Land Security and Safety Staffs on Salisbury Plain. We know that the top priority for the Police and the MOD is site safety and on that basis it is vitally important that the public using Salisbury Plain know the location of the Service Providers in case the are needed to help provide assistance. We will encourage Salisbury Plain Off Roaders to report the locations on their phone Apps to help keep everyone safe.
1 1 2019-08-24 14:51:23 by Hopscotch

Melkshame Police Station Network Review

This is the Wiltshire Police Station that Police Sgt Mark Andrews beat up and disfigured Pamela Sommerfield aged 51. Here you can write your own views about Andrews and his mates at this station. We want to hear about police corruption matters and their violent behaviour against vulnerable people.
1 1 2019-08-22 21:29:23 by Hopscotch

Wiltshire Police Pervert Washing line Thief Network Review

Talk about the corrupted Ludgershall Police Officer Pervert PC Harris here. Harris is no longer with the Police after stealing washing from peoples washing lines.
1 2 2019-09-08 10:41:59 by DaniellaArmstrong-sp119nf

Wiltshire Police Crime Commissioner Network Review

Here we discuss the Wiltshire Crime Commissioner. It's ok to be frank about what you want to say but keep it truthful. We want to learn about Angus McPhersons social relationship and private with Sir Edward Heath, his private businesses, his private life, his reasons for leaving after the heath case and anything else that concerns our reviews of him and his office.
1 1 2019-08-22 16:22:55 by Hopscotch

Aster Group Housing Association Public Review

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Aster Group Housing Association Network Review

Here you can write about Aster Housing Association. We want to hear about breaches of the housing act, failures to deal with ASB, failures to maintain the properties and homes. Anything you choose to write about Aster, if it's true let's hear it so we can all avoid being bitten in the same way.
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Aster Group Anti Social Behaviour Officers Network Review

Here you can name and shame and post about corrupted or negligent anti social behaviour officers employed by Aster Group a Public Company. Here you can name and shame their staff that use the service for their own use, to hand out their own versions of the housing act. You can write about Aster group Staff that assault customers, commit criminal damage, refuse to undertake repairs and who use the service to harass or blacklist customers . You can wrote about deliberate breaches of the housing act and tenancy agreements. ;Lets hear about but please keep the comments within our published rules.
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King Arthurs Way Andover Service Charge Rip Off Aster Group Network Review

Here we can discuss the rip off deception that Aster Group brought about to con people put pf the repair charges that in fact Aster should have responsible for. The damage to the properties was caused by negligent maintenance that was billed to the flat owners by Aster. Aster are absolutely responsible for the damage due to their own negligence. Aster cheated the community out of a fair hearing by cleverly allowing a tribunal to decide the outcome. Well the tribunal judges are wrong and they took sides with the authority, This matter needs to to civil court, not a tribunal. Its a court that these liars need to face. Lets have your comments about the lies Aster Group come out with please. Lets get it all in the open.
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Government Ombudsman is Corrupt Network Review

The Government Ombudsman is meant to be impartial when dealing with complaints about Aster Group Housing Association but we think different. We think they do all they can to support the Authorities instead. Here you can write your views about the service when you have asked the Ombudsman to step into complaints about Aster Housing Association.
1 1 2019-08-22 21:13:08 by Hopscotch

Wiltshire Doctors Public Review

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Bourne Valley Practise Doctors Surgery Tidworth and Ludgershall

Here you can write about your experiences with Doctors from the Bourne Valley Practise in Tidworth and Ludgershall. We want to hear about negligence, refusals to treat, the illegal sharing of your information, Doctors who assist other authorities at your own expense and anything else you think is relevant. This Doctors surgery is now closed and we would like your views about this as well please.
2 2 2019-08-20 10:14:42 by Hopscotch

Ludgershall Town Council Network Review

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Ludgershall Town Council Network Review

Here you can write about the corrupted ways of Ludgershall Town Council. The land thefts the backhanders the planning permissions and all the other little dodgy perks these leeches have taken from the (village) at the cost of selling each and every one of us out. Their motifs are greed and not much more. Lets hear about it please.
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