Seed Propagation Plugs 30mm x 30mm x 30mm Split Cubes Foam Plugs Latest Hydroponic Technology


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Soilless Hydroponic Foam Seed Starter Plugs. These are the very latest Technology Split Foam Hydroponic Propagation Seed Plugs. This specially designed Foam has a Split down one side 50% Deep. This allows for the seed to be placed exactly at the correct depth. The Foam is designed so that prior to the seed being sown inside the Foam can be soaked and then squeezed out to the exact required moisture level. 

The Foam surrounding the seed places the exact amount of pressure around it to allow the plant to pull it's head free properly. These little plugs are simply but they are the way forward. This is the latest propagation media being used by NASA right now. The Foam retains it's Memory unlike the usual Pre Treated Rooting Cubes.

The Foam Plugs that come in a  packet treated with Brown Fertiliser (Rooting Cubes ) can and sometimes do dry out.  This cause failures due to roots being restricted and crushed in the hard Foam. These rooting cubes are ok until they dry out. Then the roots cannot find their way through this Foam.

These Plugs we sell here will not go hard if they go dry. These are made of special Foam that is designed to keep it's flexibility. 


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