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1pDeals will supply your Hydroponic Goods if requested. We will purchase the goods on your behalf and ship them on to you to any address you choose. 

We at 1pDeals fully understand the difficulties Hydroponic Food growers endure when looking for Hydroponic Equipment and Nutrients at the Best  Prices. Our Ultra Discreet Services, are tailored to meet your requirements. We will keep you, your orders and your addresses private. Too many businesses sell or pass on customer databases for marketing etc. We don't.

1pDeals will ensure that you obtain genuine Equipment and Nutrients, not fakes. We place all the required items into one order and ship it with the Customers instructions.

( IMPORTANT...Note We Will Not Accept Orders From Persons Known to be Using Our Products OR Services To Break The Law, or Use Any of the Goods or Services We Sell For Any Illicit Purposes )

1pDeals is very proud to be supporting the Hydroponic Food Production effort that is helping to feed the growing population.

The Customers pays 

The actual cost of the item, or items including their transportation to us if charged by the seller.

The actual cost of shipping the goods by the Customers chosen requirements.

All relevant Paypal Fees.

Our fee's, that are10% of your order excluding any shipping charged to us if added by the seller.

We look forward to hearing from you with your requirements.

Please email us with your requirements to support@1pdeals.co.uk

Email us the links of the items you wish to buy. We will check them out and get you the best long term deal. 

Your paying a bit more this way but it's an awful lot safer. The Internet is a big place. Easy to get stung. This could save you loads in the long run. Our 10% is worth very last Penny.

Payments are taken through Paypal. The Account name will show as Network - Review.

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