Grainger Hand Made 50 Watt Valve Amplifier and matching Cab


Product Code: GRAN9PAN88

Manufacturer: Grainger

Stock Level: 1

Grainger Hand Made 50 Watt Valve Amplifier And matching Speaker Cab

This is a superb Valve Amplifier and Speaker Cab Set.

The Amp is phenomenal, its sounds awesome. The Amp has loads of different plugs on the back for different speaker resistances.

It features Lots of options and it sounds responsive with a nice powerful sweet and warm tone. This Valve Guitar Amplifier features a 25w switch to enable low power use. This Amplifier sounds amazing on both settings.

The Amp is very similar in build looks to the Epiphone version that looks almost identical, and I suspect it has been made in the same Factory. They all tend to use the same patterns and copy stuff. Either way this Amp really does rock.

Collection Only from Perham Down in Wiltshire or near.

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