Whisler PhoneScan Mk4 Cell Phone Snoopers Listen To Any Cell Phone Calls


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Whisler PhoneScan mK4 Cell Phone Snoop Scanner. Detects all Cell Phones being used within a 1000 ft Radius, allows the user to listen to both sides of the conversation, to record the conversations in 3 different formats. The calls can be recorded as caller only, recipient only and both conversations all at the same time. The device makes 3 separate recordings by default.

The scanner will auto detect calls in less than 1.2 seconds and lock onto calling frequencies. The scanner will detect call numbers and much more information about the devices being used including network details, Mac addresses and Ip Numbers. These are excellent tools they are the very latest Chinese Technology and are not yet banned for us in the UK. You do not need a licence to either own or use a Cell Phone Snooper.

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