Product Information


The Capacitors we sell are mainly intended for use on Guitar electronics.

The main values of Capacitor we sell are used for controlling the tone of the instruments pickups. This tone can change when the volume is moved and so the Capacitors help to balance out the tone to make it more pleasing on the ear.

The general rule is the higher the value of the capacitor the darker the tone will be.

Stock Guitars with single coils usually have capacitors of  0.047µf where as stock Guitars fitted with Humbuckers will probably be fitted with 0.022 µf as standard. 

Changing a Single Coil Guitar from 0.047µf to 0.033µf will (brighten) the tone.

Changing a Humbucker Coil Guitar from 0.022µf   to 0.033µf   will (darken) the tone.

Changing a Single Coil Guitar from 0.047µf   to 0.022µf  will make the tone even brighter than in the first example above.

We also stock a 0.1µf Capacitor which is very dark for some instruments tones but highly suitable to make Stratocasters have that Jazz Sound.

We sell Capacitors in batches of 3 or 4 to make the shipping convenient and cost effective.

We currently stock Mylar Film Capacitors as these are very popular for Guitarists, otherwise known as the Geeni Meeni.

In fact they work very well indeed and we have had excellent feedback by many customers about these. We are planning to stock Orange drop capacitors as well soon.

12volt wedge shaped Led Bulbs

The T10 wedge shaped led Light Bulbs are usually the same as those found in car side lights and the dashboard. These are the bigger of the two wedge shaped Led's that we sell. There are so many different Led's for cars it can get confusing.

The smaller T5 wedge shaped led Light Bulbs are usually the same as found in Motorcycle Speedo Clocks and other back lit instruments

Our T10 Led wedge shaped Bulbs will replace the small 5watt wedge shaped filament Bulbs as used for  side lights in the Ford Focus MK1 by the Car Manufacturer.

Our T5 Led wedge shaped Bulbs will replace the smaller Bulbs inside the Speedo Clocks of the Yamaha YBR 125 Motorcycle. Our T10's will replace the larger Bulbs inside the Speedo Clocks of the Yamaha YBR 125 Motorcycle,

Our clear T10 Led's are whiter in colour than the Ford Focus stock Bulbs. They are also a little brighter. It's a good cheap upgrade and the Led Bulbs tend to last much longer.

These Bulbs are popular with Motorcyclists who wish to upgrade their Speedo Clock's and Instrument Panels backlighting from regular filament Bulbs to Coloured Led Bulbs.

The Led's T10 and T5 (the smaller wedge shape led's) have a polarity. They must go into the socket the correct way around or they will not work. When Led's are placed into a socket the wrong way around they act as a diode.

Many people have fitted them and then learned about the Polarity issue later. All rights reserved.