We are pleased  to offer you a Shopping Web Site building service.

We undertake tasks to build ecommerce web sites for customers who wish to sell their own Goods online and start their online businesses.

The fees are the all important thing. We charge hourly rates but the cost is very unlikely to exceed £1000.00 (one thousand pounds sterling).

Our rates for the Website Construction are £100.00 (one hundred pounds sterling) per hour.

It will usually take us less than 10 hours to build you a site to your specifications and you can tell us to stop at any time during the build.

We find that sometimes people are willing to do the easy parts themselves and by doing this can save a few hundred pounds. We will help and support you with this if this is what you want.

The initial set up fee is £100.00. The setup fee includes labour charges for; Setting up and purchasing the server space for one year, plus a domain name subscription paid for 2 years.

The setup fee basically covers the costs of setting up the name and place only. It does not cover the costs of building the Customers site on the server space and making your domain name work with it.

 All the work we undertake after the initial set up is then charged at our hourly rate as specified above.

We will build your site and set it up to your requirements within the capabilities of the software and our knowledge of it.

Note domain names cost around £10 to renew for a further 2 years after the initial subscription is up.

Domain space is charged at about £5 per month after the initial year's subscription is up. It is possible to get this much cheaper by paying for the full year or two years in advance.

Your Shopping Site will be built ready for you to load Goods For Sale. The Site will include your own chosen domain name.

We will guarantee to provide you with a working Ecommerce Shopping Web Site that you can upload your own products to and offer them for sale. You will also be able to add paid advertising banners and build yourself a passive income from this web site that will earn you money while you sleep.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please use the Contact form on our Website to describe your requirements.