Speaker Connector Plate Push Release Double Audio Cable Connecting Block


Product Code: SPEYUOK240

Manufacturer: ipdeals

Stock Level: 5

Spring loaded Speaker Connecting Plate push release clip to hold and release audio cable.

There are 2 connectors on each plate. 2 Speakers will require 2 Plates.

These spring-loaded terminals provide a firm connection and make the wires hook up and stay firmly put.

Specialized design for your custom made speakers to connect speaker cable.

Rated load: AC 50 to 3A

Wire Range: AWG 24-16 6

 Temperature: -40 to 55 C 7

Contact resistance: <= 0.03 ohm

Insulation resistance:> = 100 m ohm

Withstands voltage: AC 500 per 1 minute

 Force of operation: 1 kgf

Colour coding: red / black

Service life:> 10,000 times

Number of contacts: 2 contacts

Mounting hole Centre Distance: 35 mm / 1.4 inches 15. Position: 2 options (1 row)

Diameter of mounting hole: 3mm / 0.12 in. 17. Size: 44 * 20 * 15 mm

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